Important Updates

Fee Changes
As you may be aware, changes have been brought in by the government to fees as of 01/12/18. There is now no charge for under 14 year olds, Community Services Card holders between 14 and 17 only pay $12.50, and adult Community Services Card holders only pay $18.50. ACC charges for Community Services Card holders have also been reduced. Please make sure that you have an up to date Community Services Card; those patients eligible for the card must apply to Work and Income NZ.

Vaccination is an important part of keeping healthy and well for both children and adults. We recommend that all children receive the vaccinations as per schedule. Children should also be considered for meningococcal and BCG vaccines as appropriate. For adults the flu, HPV, shingles, pneumococcal and the tetanus booster vaccines should be considered in eligible patients. Please remember to also vaccinate as appropriate when travelling to foreign countries and for occupational health requirements, such as hepatitis vaccinations.

Ministry of Health
We have also attached a link to the Ministry of Health website where you can log in to see more information about relevant healthcare issues.

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year! Please be safe.